Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Mobile Revolution

Charlie Fox joins the Mobile Technical Revolution!

Being a Fox on the go, I finally felt the need to answer the call of the mobile revolution and got myself a new telephone with multi media functionality.

I then promptly transported myself back in time after discovering a range of groovy retro photo filters in 'Instagram' ....... here's the results!

First photo ..... me navigating through the City of London!

Second photo ...... me taking a moment of quiet 
contemplation by the lake on Hampstead Heath!

Third photo ..... me enjoying a view over the city.
Hadn't quite got the hang of self shot at this stage!

Word on the street is that the purpose of mobile phones
is to take photographs of one's own dinner ......
so I did just that!

Fifth photo .... me working in the garden!

Sixth photo .... an impromptu 80's meeting 
with Angela Lansbury.

Seventh photo .... trying out the 
black and white filter on a rainy day!

Eight photo .... discovered the spot focus!

Ninth photo .... discovered the 70's filter!

Tenth photo .... transported myself back
to the 1930's at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Eleventh photo .... an OMG moment!

Twelfth photo .... me spending the night
away from home to test my 
telephone's 3G capabilities!

Thirteenth photo .... my first proper driving lesson 
.....  I've still got a bit of practice to go yet!

Fourteenth photo .... me steam cleaning at home!

Fifteenth photo .... me having a coffee
with my friends Flossy and Retro!

LAST photo .... faffing about with a Scrapbooking App!

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